A former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin claims he witnessed an alien-like organic object floating outside his space shuttle. In a tweet, Leland said he saw something curved organic looking that was drifting out of the payload bay during on space shuttle Atlantis. Fox News also reports that he told this to NASA but the agency told him what he was witnessing was not an alien like object but rather a piece of ice.

When asked by a Twitter account UFO Sightings Daily about what his thoughts were on the extraterrestrial life or if he had witnessed one or a UFO, Leland said he never saw one in space or on the Earth but thought if he saw an organic/alien looking object floating outside his payload. Leland along with his colleague @AstroKomrade contacted the ground to ask what it could be and the ground staff reported it was ice that had broken off the Freon hoses.

Before becoming an astronaut, Leland played college football at University of Richmond and was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1985. He continued and said he wanted to tell Houston we had a problem but kept his clam because he knew everyone spins up when those words are uttered from the space shuttle. Its very confusing enough to exercise a word to precisely what Leland, who has a degree in both Chemistry and Material Science Engineering but some social media wanted to believe that what Leland saw was an alien in nature, even he may have been ribbing them.

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