Our Team

Steven Benham
Steven Benham – Sr. Editor

Email:- steven@amazingnewshub.com

Steven is a researcher in the health industry. Steven has 25 years of international research experience in the health, medical, pharma, and Bio-Industries. He holds several patents related to his work. Steven has worked in the areas of bio plants. You can found his voice in the innovations space, focusing on the latest advances in the health sector, tech, and their social impact.

John Thomas
John Thomas – Sr. Editor

Email:- john@amazingnewshub.com

John is dedicated Sr. Editor at Amazing Newshub. He is researcher in the Technology sector. Uses his expertise to tackle any situation. He has more than 7 years of experience in news Industry. Travel enthusiast person likes a coffee lot. In his spare time, he wants to play football.

Nicholas RyanNicholas Ryan – Associate Editor

Email:- nicholas@amazingnewshub.com

Nicholas is a very graceful person, has sufficient knowledge in Business, Finance and Banking sector. His expertise in the Business sector gets lots of attention from readers. Having 5 years of experience in this Industry, He is very interested in learning new things. A foodie person likes to spend quality times with friends and family.